Monday, February 23, 2009


fromDon Matthews <>
Feb 9, 2009
subject Eco Friendly enquiry

Dear Richie,

In my local Messenger newspaper of 21 February 2009 an advertisement for Teampoly tanks them promotes them as being 'ECO FRIENDLY' (attachment). This suggests to me they can be recycled at the end of their life. Is this correct?

Don Matthews
Australian Poly Tank Concerned Individuals Group
"seeking open and honest answers to open and honest questions"

No response

fromDon Matthews <>
Fri, Feb 27, 2009 subject Re: Eco Friendly enquiry

From: Don Matthews APTCIG
To: Richie Dixon Managing Director Teampoly


I am beginning to get annoyed.

Despite already emailing you about this you are quite happy to allow your sales team to continue advertising Teampoly tanks as 'Ecofriendly' (Hills and Messenger Feb 25 2009 attached), suggesting they can be recycled at the end of their life, yet you don't have the courtesy to acknowledge and respond to my request for clarification. Once again, sales and the dollar have become more important than care for the environment and answering questions from a concerned public.

Don Matthews
Australian Poly Tank concerned Individuals Group
"we're aiming for transparency - and we shoot from the hip"

No response. Same advert appeared in 'The New Weekender' April 12

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Anonymous said...

You ignorant man, you obviously have no idea what it means to be eco-friendly. Just the other day I noticed a running shoe being promoted as eco-friendly simply because the manufacturing of this shoe had a reduced impact on the environment making it "ECO-FRIENDLY". Water tanks are eco-friendly simply because they store water same as solar panels are eco-friendly because they store solar rays and save fossil fuels not because they can be recycled. You think you are right and will pull any contradictory information to back up your claims even if you have to misconstrude the information completely. Wake up to yourself.