Tuesday, February 17, 2009


To: Ms Leisa Donlan CEO ARMA
Copy to: undisclosed recipients

Dear Ms Donlan,

Gosh, we do hope you know what you are doing.

Your move to take our leader to court over his weblog has sent him into a right tizz.

We fear here at APTCIQ when gets in one of these tizzes there's no telling what he might do. When he received your email he shot out the door under a thundercloud muttering something about "go jump". Concerned that he was going to go and jump off the nearest building we immediately contacted Clinic Ooolaalaa. Luck has it he had just arrived. Phew! Don't know what all the "go jump' was about.

You've not heard of Ooolaalaa? This is the second time our leader has scooted off to University of Maradonga's haven of rest for research-torn scientists to recuperate from shock. The first was a couple of months ago when like a bolt of lightening out of the sky came this email from Research and Development of one of the major, no, not your little fly-by-night polytankers, but a major, I mean MAJOR manufacturer, known right across the country, agreeing with our don that UV degraded poly tanks cannot be recycled. Can you believe that?

We are burning the midnight oil here at APTCIG busily constructing our Peoples Court weblog and gathering together a people's jury from all over the country. It should be an interesting battle - your Court of Law to prove you are right and our don is wrong pitted against our Peoples Court to prove you are wrong and our leader is right. It will be an interesting 'battle' to follow in tandem with the Great Australian Poly Tank Debate

We wish you all the best in your Court of Law action and hope ARMA members will consider their money well spent.

We look forward with relish to our leader's rapid return to once more take up the search for truth and the fight against suppression.

Polly F Leen (Miss)
Australian Poly Tank Concerned Individuals Group
"we're aiming for transparency, and we shoot from the hip"

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