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fromDon Matthews <>
Aug 21, 2008
subjectRecycling spent poly tanks

Could you help me with some research I am doing into the recycling of spent poly tanks ? those which have been completely degraded by UV I believe you recycle them in some way to produce more resin for remoudling. I am a little puzzled because to my understanding poly that is completely degraded becomes brittle and loses all its properties making impossible to be remoulded again. How then is it recycled ?

Could you trace the path of a spent poly tank for me from when it reaches youir facility to when it is formed into the final product ? What do you do with the tank? How is the reconstituted resin made? Where does it go to from you? What do they make from it and how is it done? Do you get many spent tanks for recycling?

Thanks for your help
Don Matthews

No response

fromDon Matthews <>
Dec 1, 2008
subject: Recycling spent poly tanks

Could you please acknowledge and respond to my email

Don Matthews


Malcolm Campbell ABSAN PTY LTD
to me Dec 2

Hi Don,

Best to give me a ring and I will talk you through the recycling process.

Malcolm Campbell


fromDon Matthews <>
toMalcolm Campbell ABSAN PTY LTD <>
Dec 11, 2008

Re: Recycling spent poly tanks

Dear Malcolm,

Thankyou for getting back to me although I am wondering why I didn't receieve any response to my initial email.

I am aware that non-degraded plastic can be recycled. My question relates specifically to UV-degraded plastic. Can this be recycled and remoulded. I suspect it can't. Am I correct?


No response

fromDon Matthews <>
toMalcolm Campbell ABSAN PTY LTD <>
Wed, Dec 17, 2008

Re: Recycling spent poly tsnks


Please respond.


No response

The following email came in response to the 'ARMA blocks investigation into recycling claims' email I sent out to the industry. The phone call he refers to was not in response to my initial enquiry (which was ignored) but in response to a reminder some 3 1/2 months later. Go up to the top of this post and check for yourself. The tanks he is referring to are non-degraded tanks. He has never answered my questions on recycling UV-degraded tanks. Why? Because degraded plastic can't be recycled. (If anyone can prove this incorrect please do so)

FromMalcolm Campbell ABSAN PTY LTD <>
toDon Matthews <>,,,,
Fri, Jan 9, 2009
subjectRe: ARMA blocks investigations into recycling claims

I don't know who you are but you are totally ignorant and misinformed.

I responded to your first email asking you to ring me and discuss the recycling of end of life tanks but you did not. Tanks can be and are being recycled. Our Company does it regulary.

Malcolm Campbell
B.Eng. Phd.Absan Pty Ltd
08 84478847

from Don Matthews <>
to Malcolm Campbell ABSAN PTY LTD <>
Wed, Feb 25, 2009

subject Debate 4 I would like an apology Malcolm

From: Don Matthews APTCIG
To: Malcolm Campbell Absan


I do not appreciate the following comment you have made about me:

"I have no idea who you are but you are totally ignorant and misinformed" (9 Jan 2009)

It would seem a good idea to find out who I am before making such comments.

I would like an apology.

Don Matthews
Australian Poly tank Concerned Individuals Group
"valueing courtesy and respect"

PS This email has been posted on the weblog and forms the basis for Debate 4.
We await your response.


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Concerned said...

Dear Don,
My company has recently been the recipient of one of your seemingly harmless emails regarding the recycling of spent plastic from poly water tanks when they reach the end of their lifespan. At the time of receiving your email, we elected not to respond to your questions, as we were already privy to your agenda. However, as you feel the need to pursue the matter with further with uninvited emails, consider this your response!
In fact upon further investigation, it would appear that your email, akin to scores of similar emails sent out to other Australian water tank manufacturers, is initially, a deceptive attempt by yourself to discredit and smear the Australian Rotational Moulding industry and in particular the Poly water tank industry as a whole via your web BLOG.

Reading ahead through your web BLOG, one has to wonder whether you hold any credibility whatsoever as the depths of your deception become rapidly apparent moving from page to page on your BLOG. Apparently you seem to be confused as to whether you're writing as a mere "gardener" or "a concerned member of the public", even as "Don Matthews" with a chemistry degree in hand who has taught "chemistry of plastics" and to DME(Don Matthews Enterprises) which has more acronyms associated with it than someone holding 10 degrees, Don make up your mind. How do you expect people to respond to your emails? Simply put Don, any legitimate lay person (as you claim to be) when asking questions would not need to be provided an in depth analyses of the molecular structure of spent polyethylene for an answer, nor would many people expect to receive such a technical response.

Whilst I myself am certainly not a scientist, I'm sure that even you can appreciate that advances in technology, including plastic recycling and polymer processing, take place continually throughout the world all the time. Whilst plastic manufacturers like our self are provided with technical information from the different resin manufacturers regarding their products, a 100% material recycling policy is endorsed by all of these suppliers. At this point, you do need to remember that at the end of the day these suppliers are businesses, who like many other businesses want to protect their intellectual property rights. We, as the resin manufacturer's customer, do not ask them to supply every specific detail involving the material processing and recycling elements to their business, nor would I think should we have unlimited access to all their information. Consider the lengths Coke, McDonalds, Pepsi and KFC go to in trying to protect their IP rights from their competitors and even the general public for that matter. It should therefore come as no surprise to you then, when asking for total disclosure from companies you have emailed, that you receive limited, evasive and at times no response when employing such covert and deceptive tactics to feed your BLOG. Typically Don, people just don't want to waste their time with someone who will never be satisfied with the answers that are provided.
I personally find it particularly interesting that of all the plastic products in use throughout Australia and world, that you have singled out polyethylene water tanks as a potential environmental problem. Why not car components, like 4WD snorkels? Why not agricultural manufacturers who utilise rotomoulded plastic components in sprayers, booms and other parts? Why not plastic lawn mower components? How about the plastic pits used by Telstra? Maybe plastic kayaks and boats? How about the ADF (military) who uses plastic containers for ordinance, weapon storage and who even uses plastic components in our assault rifles? Ok, what about the good old plastic bag?
No, unfortunately none of the above items appear, nor does any other plastic product which is mass produced by the thousands mention in your BLOG, strange that! Well ok, not really all that strange when you consider that Poly tanks are a major competitor to the backyard liner tank which you are producing yourself Don (BLT), now who exactly did you mention in your BLOG was interested in making the dollar? Oddly enough I wouldn't mind betting that the Stainless Steel tank manufacturer that is quoted so frequently and mentioned just as many times by you throughout the BLOG, is connected with you in some way, shape or form, I mean it is hard to compete with stainless against polyethylene price wise isn't it?
Congratulations, you've come up with a great way to try and smear a good industry with scare tactics and dishonesty all done in favour of your own cleverly disguised self propagation and greed.
Keep up the deception Don and by the way….. What material is your liner tank exactly made from again?… I seem to have missed that part, I hope it's recyclable!
In short, your BLOG isn't about the environment; it's about your SALES!

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